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Because it is modern to have a homepage I introduce myself to the users of the internet.



My firm exists for more than 40 years and my bassoon- and contrabassoonreeds are wellknown and desired worldwide. In Europe, Chile, USA, Australia and New Zealand the musicans love to play the


                                Original Urbach bassoonreeds.


                                      Walter Urbach with his daugther Isabell


I was solobassoonist of the Nuremberg Philharmonic and 2. Bassoonist of the Berlin Philharmonic, that is why I know very well how calming it is to know a producer of excellent bassoonreeds.

At the highscool of music I teached all my students in the art of manufacturing reeds.

Tradition, experience, careful selection of material and processing, guarantee highclass and reliable quality, etreme long durability and easy speech.

My bassoonreeds, contrabassoonreeds and heckelphonereeds get their unique sound by blowing in three times each.


                                         HERE they are - Original Urbach Bassoonreeds